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Circumcision or posthectomy - Definition

Auteur : Docteur Marc Galiano - Date de dernière mise à jour : 19 December 2016

What is circumcision?


Posthectomy is the medical term for circumcision. It’s a procedure that involves removing part or all the foreskin (mobile fold of skin and mucosa that more or less covers the glans of the penis and protects it at rest).


Partial or total removal of the foreskin is indicated in cases of phimosis or paraphimosis or even in cases of atrophic lichen sclerosus of the penis (see the diagnosis chapter).


Circumcision may also be performed for aesthetic reasons when the foreskin is too long and does not sufficiently or entirely uncover the glans.


Finally, circumcision can sometimes be performed in cases of premature ejaculation, in cases where the origin of the premature ejaculation can be attributed to hypersensitivity of the glans. Circumcision, by leaving the glans in the open air, allows it to become keratinised and slightly desensitised.

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