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Vasectomy - Procedure and follow-up

Auteur : Docteur Marc Galiano - Date de dernière mise à jour : 3 September 2015

The procedure can only take place after a 2-month reflection period.

This is a benign outpatient procedure that is performed under light general anaesthesia (neuro-analgesia) (entry into the clinic in the morning and discharge in the evening). The vasectomy involves making two small incisions in the scrotum to reach the vas deferens. The follow-up is usually simple and work can be resumed 48 hours after surgery.

Warning: You will not be sterile immediately after the operation. Indeed, the semen remains fertilising as long as sperm remain in the seminal fluid. It is, therefore, imperative that you use another method of birth control for about three months until a sperm analysis reveals azoospermia (absence of live sperm in the seminal fluid).

Vasectomy is effective in 99% of cases. The probability of pregnancy in the partner of a vasectomised man is very low. The most common cause of failure comes from unprotected sex shortly after the operation. The risk of failure by secondary reversal is 1 to 2%.

There is little pain following a vasectomy, but postoperative pain may, however, occur (swelling of the scrotum, tightness at the incision). This pain is easily relieved by taking an anodyne and using an icepack to reduce pain and swelling. This pain will go away on its own after one or two weeks.

There is no particular postoperative care to be performed apart from disinfection of the operative site, which is done by the patient. All sports activity should be avoided for one week ,and the resumption of sexuality (protected) may take place after 15 days.

Vasectomy must be regarded as a definitive method of contraception. Although surgical reversal is possible, pregnancy rates among partners of men who have undergone this reversal procedure are quite low. Therefore, vasectomy should not be considered as a reversible method. Self-preservation of sperm can be done before surgery. This practice is different from sperm donation and can be carried out in any laboratory approved for sperm storage. These sperm can only be used by the man who had them preserved. Finally, all other aspects of the contraception should have been brought up before such a decision is made to prevent any regret.

  • Repérage des canaux déférents
    Repérage des canaux déférents
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    Section du canal déférent
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    Coagulation de la lumière de l'épididyme
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    Ligature du canal déférent
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